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We’re committed to crafting a custom retirement strategy that gives you the confidence to achieve your dreams. We’re with you for the entire journey, to make sure your custom-crafted plan meets your goals and aspirations.

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We start with getting to know you — your story, and your future. What do you want to build in your life and retirement? We’ll explore your dreams, aspirations and more in order to understand you and your goals holistically, not just the value of your accounts.
Of course, we will also review all of your financial statements, create a risk tolerance profile, and discuss your investments. We will put it all together for you into one snapshot so you have a clear picture of your financial situation and how it aligns with your retirement goals.

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During this meeting, we discuss our retirement philosophy and planning approach--the foundation for how we build our plans. We will create a holistic analysis of your portfolio and review your current financial plan step-by-step, including your plan’s projections. Often people have not experienced this type of analysis, and it’s not uncommon to find ways you can immediately improve your retirement outlook.

As we evaluate and discuss your retirement plan, you’re going to get a taste of what it’s like to work with us, which will help you determine if we are the right firm to help you reach your retirement goals.

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We walk through the plan we’ve custom crafted for you. Think of it as a blueprint for your new beginning. You’ll see your existing portfolio side-by-side with the plan we created. You’ll quickly see how our holistic retirement plan can make a difference. We’ll show you the adjustments we recommend and the effect it could have on your lifestyle.

Fine tuning the implementation of your retirement plan

In this meeting, we help you transition your accounts to Great Waters Financial. To make it as simple as possible, we prepare all of the necessary documents and complete required signatures.

Then we lay out our client implementation process and cover what our continued relationship looks like including strategy sessions, ongoing education, and client appreciation events.

How Our 4-Step Retirement Advising Process Works

Meet with your advisor at one of our offices or in real-time over video online.


In order to build a strong foundation for your custom plan, our first meeting is anchored around discovering more about you and what you want for your next chapter. (And you get to know more about us, too.) We also learn more about what you may have in mind for your future: How do you see yourself spending your days in retirement? What do you want to do more of, less of?


In this second meeting, we integrate the information you provided us and create a year-by-year projection of your retirement assets. After analyzing your financial picture, we develop custom-crafted strategies for you, and discuss what your custom retirement plan could look like. The only decision you need to make at this point is: Do you want us to develop a complimentary custom retirement plan for you?


It’s our goal that you’ll get up from this third session feeling more confident than ever before about your future. We place your existing portfolio side-by-side with the custom plan we designed for you so you can see the difference. We’ll also answer the questions you have about your plan, how we work together, and how our transparent fee structure works.


In this fourth meeting, we help you transition your accounts to Great Waters Financial by preparing all of the necessary documents and completing the required signatures. You’ll see what the client implementation process looks like and how our continued partnership with you supports you going forward.

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Every one of us is working together to help you live greatly. You’ll experience that in the way we ask questions, in the way we listen, and in the way we remain engaged with you in the years ahead.

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