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About Great Waters Financial

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who want to inspire others to live great lives. We believe that retirement isn't the end of the road, but a great, new beginning. One filled with new aspirations. We want to help you realize those dreams. Founded in 2012, our philosophy bridges the gap between technical experience and showing our clients how each piece supports the future they are building. We have deep experience in investments, portfolio management, benefits, and Social Security.

A married couple sits at a desk with their retirement planner and review their financial analysis

What We Do

Every one of us at Great Waters Financial is committed to delivering you a comprehensive retirement plan that you understand and as time goes on, supporting you through proactive guidance. We make sure your custom architected plan meets your goals of today and aspirations of tomorrow. We'll evaluate investment approaches and tax consequences, and implement the strategies so that you don't have to. And we won't stop evaluating and implementing because the market is always changing and your needs may change too.

Our Process

Step 1

Budget sheet for the discovery meeting

We analyze your financial situation, discuss how much risk you're comfortable with, and start building a complimentary financial plan.

Step 2

A magnifying glass for the analysis portion of the Great Waters Financial process

We compare what your current financial situation looks like and see if that’s in-line with your retirement goals. We also examine your investments to determine your risk and return rates that fit you.

Step 3

Arrows pointing various directions

Using advanced testing tools, we run scenarios of what could happen to your portfolio with market fluctuations and other factors. We walk you through possible solutions and decide on one that supports your goals.

Step 4

Fine tuning the implementation of your retirement plan

If we discover a better path to success than your existing plan, it’s here that you decide to work with us or not. If so, then we adjust and implement your strategies.

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Meet Your Team

Our team is rapidly expanding. We were recently named one of the fastest growing companies in Minneapolis by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

A financial advisor sits with his clients in his office and reviews their retirement analysis


We have four officess in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area and one in Duluth. Click below for our addresses, office contact information, or to find which office is closest to you.