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6 Decisions That Need to Be in Your Retirement Plan

9 minutes 34 seconds

[0:01] One of the biggest retirement planning mistakes people make. 

[0:26] The focus we start with, and 3 questions to start asking yourself instead. 

[2:01] Why we take this different approach to planning for retirement—and why it matters.

[3:05] The better financial questions we like to ask you

[3:35] The most common values we’ve seen our clients embrace in retirement. 

[4:04] How would you fill in this blank?

[5:02] A few of the ways our clients inspire us. 

[7:22] The thing many retirees miss about their careers—and how they replace it. 

[8:22] You don’t have to wait for retirement to start living greatly. 

[8:42] Our mission and commitment to you at Great Waters Financial.

[8:58] Getting the clarity you need to enter your next season with confidence. 

[9:19] We’re here to help you make solid, informed decisions about your retirement.

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