Your retirement plan may be missing the most important piece.

Find out the biggest mistake most people make when planning their retirement. (It has nothing to do with your numbers.)

Depressing or fulfilling? How do you want your first year in retirement to go?

While some people enjoy the extra unstructured time in their first year, others find themselves struggling once they clock out of their full-time careers.

Some retirees tell us they felt they wasted their first years because the transition was harder than they expected. 

A retired teacher said she had the most depressing year after retiring since she didn’t know how to spend her days or where to contribute to society outside of the classroom yet. 

A retired engineer said he felt he’d lost his purpose when he left his job. Others simply get bored and search for something to fill their undefined days. 

After working with thousands of people nearing and entering retirement, we discovered that too many people limit themselves by over-focusing on the numbers. 

You do need a solid financial plan, but you shouldn’t serve the numbers—they exist to serve you.

That’s why we created this video. To help you explore what a fulfilling retirement future looks like for you. One that reflects who you are and what you want … and not just your financial advisor’s spreadsheet.

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