We hope you enjoyed your Enliven chocolate—and even more the story behind it to help the people of Nicaragua live greatly. It’s why we partner with them and it’s why we serve our clients.

The Enliven Story.

Enliven International is working with impoverished communities to build sustainable relationships and strategies that improve lives.

Nicaragua is a country ravaged by the Contra War of the 1980s. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, flooding, and hurricanes have added to the devastation of this beautiful country. Yet, even after such human carnage and natural disaster, Nicaragua is filled with resilient people, abundant natural resources, and remains the safest country in Latin America.

Two hours from the city of Matagalpa lies a little mountain village known for its coffee crop. The farmers of La Colonia are also experts in growing cacao; a family trade for many generations. Though they are experts in growing cacao, they have very little experience in the products that are produced from the raw cacao plant. Many have never tasted chocolate. And so, they believe little can be obtained from cacao.

Enliven is working to change that. They are helping these farmers distribute their cocoa crops to high-end chocolatiers. And it’s making a difference. Not just in an increase of earnings for the community and farmers, but throughout the community. Once darkened homes now have electricity, and community entrepreneurialism is on the rise. The latest project, a bakery run by the women of La Colonia is already underway. Through the involvement of Enliven and their partner organizations, real community transformation is taking place bringing hope once again to those who desire to live more greatly.

Our Story.

Simply put, we are dedicated to helping people live greatly. We believe that retirement isn’t the end, but a great, new beginning. A beginning in which you are free to pursue the dreams that you’ve been working towards your entire life.

Every one of us at Great Waters Financial is committed to helping you realize those dreams. You’ll see it in the way we ask questions. In how we listen.  In the way we meticulously craft a financial plan just for you. And you’ll see it in the way we remain engaged with you in the years ahead as your situation changes.

It’s our live greatly promise to be there for you.

Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central American isthmus. With a population of six-million, it is among the poorest in the Americas.
A farmer’s house and livestock. The average wage for a farmer in La Colonia, Nicaragua is $1.66 a day, far below the average income in Central America.
Nicaragua is currently recognized as one of the 17 countries with the best cocoa in the world. Last year, just under 4,000 tons of cacao were harvesting in Nicaragua.
Many cacao farmers have no direct experience in producing chocolate. Few have even tasted it. Enliven equips and trains the farmers on how to ferment the beans.

Your Story.

But what’s missing is your story. What’s your new beginning look like? What aspirations do you have for your next chapter? We’d love to hear your story and have you discover for yourself if our approach is right for you.

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