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Foundations of Retirement

Planning for tomorrow isn’t getting any easier with volatile markets, escalating geopolitical pressures, tax increases, inflation, and countless other factors. People approaching retirement are looking for answers.

Having enough income to live greatly and to maintain the lifestyle you want takes strategic planning and sound financial advice.

Whether you’re seeking confidence for your financial plan, or you’re seeking an edge, the Foundations of Retirement Class equips you with latest strategies to lower your tax liability, protect your assets, and create income you can’t outlive - regardless of market conditions.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Determine if you will have enough retirement income
  • Protect your retirement income by lowering your taxes
  • Protect your assets during market downturns (like another 2008)
  • Generate guaranteed retirement income regardless of market volatility
  • Reduce (or even eliminate in some cases) taxes on your Social Security benefits
  • Efficiently pass 401(k) and IRA Assets onto future generations
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About The Class

In this free 1-hour class, you will be equipped to make informed decisions about your retirement.

Most people want to know how much they can make off their investments. But the question they should be asking is how much can they afford to lose before their retirement outlook changes.

Everyone knows that their capacity for risk decreases as they near retirement. But is your retirement plan structured to protects the downside to ensure that you’re guaranteed income to maintain your desired lifestyle regardless of market conditions?

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Spring Park


September 25, 2018


5:30 pm

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