Retirement starts with understanding your spending and income.

The first step of knowing how much you need to retire begins with understanding your spending. And the way you spend won’t always stay the same. In retirement, there are additional costs, like healthcare, that you need to account for in your plan. 

Once you understand how much you will be spending, it’s important to understand where you’ll be receiving income. You might have a number of income sources, so it’s important to enter this stage with a strategy. Because how you withdraw from your accounts could be the difference of $100,000s throughout your retirement.

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The retirement landscape looks a lot different today than it did twenty years ago. This class is designed to align your retirement strategy with the reality of today's market. Depending on your financial situation, certain strategies could increase your retirement income or decrease it. We cover the pros and cons of various strategies and help you decide on one that fits your retirement and lifestyle goals.

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Want help thinking through your spending and income?

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