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How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

14 minutes 55 seconds

[0:01] Great Waters Financial exists to help you live retirement greatly.

[1:15] Social Security is one of the most impactful retirement planning decisions you will make.

[1:51] What it takes to qualify for Social Security and when you can begin taking Social Security. 

[3:04] The difference between taking Social Security early and late.

[4:22] A few often overlooked considerations when it comes to Social Security.

[5:38] If you were born on or before January 1st, 1954, this is for you.

[7:16] A claiming strategy for you and your spouse to help increase your benefits.

[8:30] The three main sources of income in retirement.

[8:54] How Social Security is taxed and what it means for your retirement.

[11:26] Potential long-term consequences for taking money from your investments without a tax strategy plan.

[13:00] Strategies to consider to reduce your provisional income and reduce your tax exposure.

[13:42] Live the retirement of your dreams. 

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