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It's your retirement.
Live it greatly.

Learn how to get the most from your Social Security benefits.
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We Are Your Retirement Planning Architects

We craft financial strategies that give our clients more confidence and inspiration to pursue their retirement aspirations. We reduce their worry by remaining actively engaged with them.


The Great Waters Difference

We don't push our agenda. There are no hidden fees nor forgotten clients. You have our undivided attention to create a plan that's exactly right for you.


Our Meeting Process

Budget sheet for the discovery meeting
Designing Your Future

We believe that each plan should be as unique as the family or individual it represents; focusing on you and your vision for the future, not only the value of your accounts.

A magnifying glass for the analysis portion of the Great Waters Financial process
Seeing Everything in One Place

We create a holistic analysis of your portfolio and walk you through your current financial plan step-by-step, including your plan’s projections.

Arrows pointing various directions
Reviewing Your Plan

We design a customized financial plan expressly for you. You’ll see how that plan can make a difference in your retirement, and we’ll walk you through the adjustments we recommend.

Fine tuning the implementation of your retirement plan
Let’s Journey Together

In this meeting, we transfer accounts to Great Waters Financial and begin implementing the financial plan.

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Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

An online video class to help you lower your taxes, maximize your benefits, and plan your income.

In this on-demand video class, you will learn how to:

  • Coordinate your retirement income sources for the most tax-favorable outcome
  • Lower your tax bracket in retirement
  • Maximize your benefits
  • Plan your retirement income
  • Navigate recent legislation changes and how they affect your options
  • Plan for how Social Security will affect your spouse