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Retirement Planning Today Class

Do you feel confident in your retirement path?

Retirement Planning Today identifies each step in your personal path towards retirement, addressing both your uncertainties and fears, as well as equipping you to take your retirement to the next level. We will assess your financial situation and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Unlike most financial seminars that focus on a single topic, Retirement Planning Today is a comprehensive course that helps you see the big picture with all of the moving pieces. We believe that retirement is more than just a number — it’s a holistic approach that affects every area of your life. In this course, we examine how the many aspects of your retirement and finances work together to create a holistic retirement plan.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Determine the amount of money you need to retire
  • Use new tax laws to your advantage
  • Leverage 5 investment strategies to minimize risk and maximize returns
  • Create goals for what a successful retirement looks like for you
  • Eliminate debt and improve cash flow
  • Plan your retirement income that supports your goals
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About The Class

Each attendee receives a 223-page illustrated retirement workbook, providing a step-by-step process outlining how to practically apply what you’ve learned in class. This workbook is a tool to help follow along with the presentations, and also contains valuable bonus worksheets you can use after the class is over.

Retirement Planning Today is divided into two days, with a total of six hours of retirement training. The course is organized into eight sections:

Day 1

Section 1: Life Planning For Retirement

We walk through an exercise to align your holistic view of your retirement with your finances. After all, retirement is much more than a number. It’s a picture of what your lifestyle goals are, whether that includes travel, hobbies, volunteering, or working part-time. We identify what you would like to accomplish in retirement.

Section 2: Retirement Needs & Expenses

Only 63% of people are confident they will have enough money to live comfortably through retirement. But in the same survey, only 44% had actually tried to calculate how much they needed to save! In this section, we unpack exactly how much you need to retire for your specific retirement goals — and if you’re close to retirement, we calculate whether you can retire today.

Section 3: Retirement Roadblocks & Mistakes

There are 10 common mistakes many people make in retirement — we walk through each one and outline how to avoid them. One of the highlights from this section is how most people aren’t nearly as tax efficient as they could be, so we cover some of the top strategies to decrease your taxable income.

Section 4: Retirement Income Sources

There are many ways to save for retirement, and the source you use for your income greatly affects your retirement outlook, so we walk through the pros and cons of each strategy. We also cover if you should convert your IRA into a Roth IRA, and if so, if it should be in one year, or over multiple years.

Day 2

Section 5: Retirement Plan Distributions

Once you retire there are many decisions you need to make that, once are in writing, cannot be undone. We discuss those retirement plan distribution decisions to help you make an informed selection, including strategies that allow you to take money out of your retirement plans while maintaining financial flexibility during retirement.

Section 6: Investments

Learn the 5 strategies for managing your investment risks. We cover items like your cash accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individually managed accounts, and tax-deferred annuities. We also cover the exact questions you need to consider before making an investment decision.

Section 7: Risk Management & Asset Protection

As you approach retirement, it’s not always about how much money can your investments make, it’s about how much you can keep. We cover how to protect your assets through a turbulent market, and how to protect them with insurance for health-related risks.

Section 8: Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t just about money, and covers more than just planning for your death. It affects your closest loved one, even while you are still living. As a result of recent tax law changes, estate planning is a moving target — we discuss how to plan for today and how to prepare for the future.

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Retirement Planning Today is our most in-demand event. Since there is usually a waiting list, we try to ensure that those who register for the class attend. In order to do that, we charge $49 to reserve the seats for your household. Once you fill in your information, one of our staff members will contact you to walk you through payment options.

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