Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

An online video class to help you lower your taxes, maximize your benefits, and plan your income.

Choosing the best Social Security strategy for your situation can be overwhelming.

This is made all the more difficult by conflicting financial advice and increasing complexity about how and when to claim. Since we started this class in 2012, we've seen the same uncertainty time and time again: How do I know I’m getting the most out of my Social Security?

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Lower your tax bracket in retirement and maximize your benefit
  • Decide the best claiming strategy for your situation
  • Navigate recent legislation changes and how they affect your options

Plus, gain specific strategies to:

  • Coordinate your other retirement income sources for the most tax-favorable outcome
  • Avoid paying nearly 50% in taxes on retirement distributions
  • Plan for how Social Security will affect your spouse

No pitches. Just practical advice.

About this online class.

We created the Social Security Strategy class to equip you for Social Security — and we’re making this available to you at no charge. It’s our way help you get acquainted with us in the privacy of your own home.

The entire course is about 60 minutes and packed with useful information. Don’t worry if you cannot finish it. You can start and stop at any time.

When you complete the online class, we’ll send you a Social Security Readiness Checklist that compiles 15 vital questions you should ask before you apply for Social Security. This brief checklist is a simple, actionable way for you to take what you learn from this class, and apply it to your specific situation.

About Great Waters Financial

We are a team of financial professionals who want to inspire others to live great lives. We believe that retirement isn't the end of the road, but a great, new beginning. One filled with new aspirations. We want to help you realize those dreams.

Founded in 2012, our philosophy bridges the gap between technical experience and showing our clients how each piece supports the future they are building. We have deep experience in investments, portfolio management, benefits, and Social Security to help you build the future you want in retirement.


Different Types of Retirement:

Live Longer In Retirement
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The History of Social Security
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Age Required to Receive Full Social Security Benefits

Qualifying for Social Security
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Late Benefit Comparison Chart

Working and Collecting Benefits

The Solvency of Social Security

Choices We Face for Restoring Solvency

New Laws Affect Future Social Security Claiming Stragegies

New Law: Applies 3 Sets of Rules to 3 Different Groups

Claiming Social Security Benefits Following a Divorce

Survivor’s Benefits
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Potential “Fixes” For Those Who Have Already Started Collecting Early Benefits

Part B - Medicare Costs
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Social Security Administration Guide

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