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Justin Arfsten is a financial advisor at the great waters financial richfield office

Justin Arfsten


Justin is a financial advisor, and retirement specialist with Great Waters Financial, and has helped champion the Richfield office since the opening of its doors. Growing up in Annandale Minnesota, with a business owner for a father, Justin is very familiar with the sacrifice of time, and the tenacity it takes to build from the ground, up. After his high school graduation, Justin went on to serve his country for 8 years, by enlisting in the military and being trained as a combat engineer for Minnesota National Guard. During some of those years, he studied at Dunwoody College of Technology for Network Engineering.  Because of the unique perspective of diligence, and resoluteness given to him through his upbringing, Justin is very passionate about serving his clients. He does this through education, followed by constructing, and implementing a financial strategy that will produce a solid legacy, and a thriving environment to enjoy the fruits of what they’ve spent their years working so hard to build. 

Justin lives in Rogers, Minnesota with his wife, Rheanna and their 4 children – Maiya, Evelyn, Matthew, and David.  Justin and Rheanna enjoy spending time together, creating family memories, homeschooling, staying active and serving in ministry.   

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