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How to Retire with Confidence

15 minutes 19 seconds

How to Retire with Confidence (email)

15 minutes 19 seconds

[1:05] Dispelling the 2 common misconceptions of “retirement rules.” 

[1:25] Why you shouldn’t rely on the “4% rule.” 

[2:09] Why this other typical “rule of thumb” is far from accurate.

[3:11] The better question to ask when planning your retirement income.

[5:02] A regular spending category most people forget about. 

[6:45] The biggest expenses that change in retirement. 

[7:57] How inflation affects your retirement income—and how to plan accordingly.

[8:22] Some of the most common retirement income options.

[9:46] Your biggest expense in retirement. 

[10:24] 3 withdrawal strategies that increase your after-tax wealth.

[11:28] How a Roth conversion strategy can save you hundreds of thousands.

[13:01] The benefits you get from a time-segmented investing (and withdrawal) strategy.

[14:53] How you can increase your clarity and confidence about your retirement planning.

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